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About Pirie & Smith Ltd

Pirie & Smith Limited was established in 1904 and are specialist consultant marine engineers and ship surveyors, offering a wide range of consultancy services. The company is well placed to cover both onshore and offshore projects from its offices in Aberdeen throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide. Our professional team of staff surveyors are qualified and experienced in their respective fields, with expertise drawn from various areas of the maritime world, including; Sea going and shipbuilding/ship-repairing personnel.

The company carries out complete hull, machinery and cargo surveys as well as valuation of vessels and machinery installations. Damage assessment surveys, are also carried out to recommend and monitor repair schedules on behalf of leading Underwriters and Vessel Owners. Pirie & Smith Limited, undertake Charter Surveys, Safety and Technical Auditson Energy Industry Vessels and Rigs on behalf of major oil companies, Owners and Charters.
Pirie & Smith Limited are members of the European Survey Group and are the United Kingdom representatives.

We are appointed Surveyors for:

Maritime and Coastguard Agency

“MARPOL” Surveyors

Other Specialist Services

We provide Expert Witness and Arbitration services including technical advice to Lawyers. Our extensive experience in Cargo Damage Surveying includes inspection of perishable and non-perishable goods e.g. Potatoes, Personal Effects, Timber, Paper Pulp, Fertiliser, Slurry, Offshore Drilling Fluids, Steel Pipe cargoes etc for various shippers, receivers and Protection and Indemnity Associations.

In addition to the foregoing we also carry out the following associated services:

• Draught Surveys with associated dead-weight/lightship calculations.
• Sea Fastening recommendation and verification for special cargoes.
• Towage Approvals

Pirie & Smith Limited also provide a specialist survey service to the Fishing Industry. With our extensive knowledge of Steel, Aluminium, Timber and GRP constructed fishing vessels, we are recognised as one of the leading surveyors of fishing vessels, not only in the United Kingdom, but world-wide. Our service includes Condition and Valuation surveys, for Owners, Banks and Financial Institutions. Also hull and machinery damage surveys for leading Underwriters and vessel Insurers. Our experienced surveyors are registered examiners for the certification of compliance with the Codes of Practice for the Safety of Small Commercial Motor and Sailing Vessels, Workboats and Pilot Boats. This service being carried out through the offices of The Society of Consulting Marine Engineers and Ship Surveyors, to which our surveyors are members.

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