Launch of Super Saturday Sweepstake

The 2021 Guinness Six Nations Charity Sweepstake

Its that time of year again for the Ocean Marine Group  Annual Six Nations Charity Sweepstake.

The Sweepstake and associated events have raised over £10,000 for a range of charities over the years, and we are extremely proud to continue the great efforts of our team, with the support of our clients, suppliers, colleagues, friends and families in 2021. 

The Annual Charity fundraiser, is now LIVE and updated ready for your match predictions.

Follow the link here:

Whether your are an avid follower of the oval shaped ball game, have a liking for men in tight shorts, or just happy to put a few quid to a number of carefully selected charities, then the Sweepstake is for you. Instructions are provided on the secure site. 

In return for your participation, you will be in with the chance of winning a few high quality prizes, be dazzled with the wit and linguistic skills in the regular updates from the team coach, and of course, the warm fuzzy feeling you’ll have for helping our 3 chosen charities, which are below. Links are provided to find out more about what they do. 

In these strange times we find ourselves in, we do really appreciate anything you can give to support the charities. We thank you with all our hearts and hope you enjoy the tournament as much as we will, from the comfort of our sofas. Stay safe. 

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