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Marine Surveyors and Marine Assurance - Aberdeen and North East Scotland

Pirie and Smith have a long history of providing Marine Assurance services. In fact, our history as Marine Surveyors goes back to 1904, performing surveys and supporting insurers and shipping agents on seagoing vessels in and around Aberdeen Harbour and other local ports. 

From our Head Office in Aberdeen we are well placed for the team to perform Marine Surveys across the North East of Scotland. Where clients have required professional advice and independent technical opinion, we have been on hand to provide our expertise on a range of marine related projects. 

Marine Surveying in Oil & Gas, Renewables, Agriculture and Fishing industries

Our established and proven team of Marine Surveyors are qualified Engineers who are capable of performing marine surveys on a range of different vessels and cargoes, for example Agricultural products, Oil and Gas equipment, drilling pipes and bulk products. 

As a key service provider to Finance, Insurance and Banking organisations, the Company provide Valuations, Condition Surveys, Damage Surveys and perform other related tasks on a wide range of marine assets. For instance, the company is the appointed Flag State Inspector for the Bahamas Maritime Authority covering Aberdeen and the North East of Scotland.

A summary of our expertise is listed below. If you have an enquiry, or wish to receive a quote for services, we would be pleased to hear from you. 

Providing Marine Assurance expertise in the following areas:

• Offshore Vessels
• Yachts and Pleasure craft
• Fishing Vessels
• Marine Equipment
• Technical Due Dilligence

• Equipment Damage
• Suitability Survey
• Operational Review
• Condition Survey


• Pipe Surveys
• Equipment securing and Loading
• Draught Surveys
• Special shipments





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